Malibu Casey  – Casey Fritz with a tan –  is a Minneapolis based designer, prop and fashion stylist, and blogger. A southern boy with both a healthy wanderlust and a love of home and fashion,, he has turned his travels, his taste, and his desire to make beautiful, inviting spaces rich with personality and humor, into his dream job.

Malibu Casey lives and designs with what he loves and often, more is more. Learning to ski on the Bunny Hill and having brunch at the Playboy Club in Lake Geneva, WI left a lasting impression of luxury, style and all the shiny things. That plastic Playboy Club card still lives in his wallet as a reminder to infuse the wonder of those early design memories into what he creates.

From Casey to Malibu. As his styling career took flight, 90% of the gigs were based in Southern California and he found kindred style spirit in the classic Malibu, CA vibe. His own collection of 1970s Malibu Kens harken to the days of chasing dreams and a tan with a SPF far below 30. Wanting to take that relaxed, easy style, golden coconut-oil tans, sun-kissed hair, and a rainbow of sherbet colors, home in his pocket – Malibu Casey was hatched. His work spans eclectic and hybrid decorating schemes from MCM to Traditional and everything in between.

Malibu Casey styles models, products and living spaces for magazines, catalog, boutiques, websites and even home tours.

He is currently lovingly renovating and decorating…and redecorating…a 1915 Early Arts and Crafts house on the North side of Minneapolis. His gardens are lush, his dogs are very big and his fiancé -a California native of course – is very supportive.