The kitchen remodel is D-O-N-E! I think this one set a record for speed. We moved in, 2 weeks ago today. The painter started 5 days later and he finished by 10 this morning. We had the entire interior painted including the kitchen cabinets. My original plans were to rip out the cabinets because I didn’t love them. Once we got into the house, I realized the cabinets were solid wood and quality and not worth ripping out. Again, less landfill kids. When we threw color samples down on the granite, Michael and I both picked the same color which just happened to be the color of the dining room: Ralph Lauren “Tea Kettle Black”. (DR was flat, cabinets are satin). Once, I decided  to keep the cabinets, I wanted to figure out how to make the  existing cabinets a little beefier…they needed to have more presence. (ps: I curse builders that put soffits in kitchens) I tooled around my favorite architectural salvage store Guilded Salvage. This section of building materials always catches my eye, especially the light blue headers which lead me to an “AH HA! Eureka” (O’Hara) moment. I figured I could buy casing headers, cut them down, smash the together, fill in the cracks and paint them to match the cabinets.


Casing headers run $30 on up. These were $45 each and bought 10.

For those that can’t visualize.


Base coat, filled and sanded.


A few days into unpacking, the mood to wallpaper hit me. I decided to go with my original choice: Cole and Son “Gondola”.  Papering isn’t horrible…paste the walls, slap it up, trim, press, roll, and match up the seams, REPEAT. Repeat. Repeat. JFC REPEAT…it took about 19 hours total to paper the kitchen.

….gotta start somewhere.

Next up was dealing with the backsplash. I had zero interest in having a “show stopper”. I feel like 9 times out of 10, people’s backsplash choices instantly date their kitchens. See below: 

Not my thing.

Not our thing.

Michael suggested painting the offending tile and I instantly was all “YOU CAN’T PAINT TILE” to which he replied by sending me countless links saying otherwise. I figured there’d be no loss if I hated it because I had planned to rip it out anyhow. I used KABOOM to clean it and then let it dry overnight. The next morning, I applied a layer of Zinsser BullsEye 123. 4 hours later, I applied a coat of oil based paint that we had color matched to the background of the wallpaper. 

Primed and ready to go.

We ordered our appliances online to maximize our airline miles. Everything arrived yesterday, with only one, WHOOPS. They brought the wrong counter depth fridge. Oh well, new one comes next Wednesday. 

So, wallpaper is done, cabinets painted, lighting has been up since day 1, backsplash done, appliances mostly in…ready to see the results?


ARE YOU  READY? I still can’t believe what was achieved in less than 2 weeks….Here you go:


Also, the laundry chute door for kitchen towels had been ripped off and was missing. I found this little drawer front  at GS for $8 and the Deco bracket, I already had.

Cabinet hardware is a mix of brand new contemporary, and 1870’s brass. 

Total spent:

Casing headers $250

Paint and labor $1000

Wallpaper $500

Paste, backsplash paint, blades $110

Acid Etched Turn of the Century Light in Nook $750

1920’s School House Light $100

Marble table $325 (on sale from $799)

Butcher Block $200

Antique Tudor Curtain Rod $45 

Antique Tudor Sconce $95

Hooks for Pots $60 


We saved the cabinets, floor, granite and backsplash. 

Total with Samsung Black Stainless Appliances: 

Counter Depth Fridge $1417

Micro Hood $398

Range $2399

Dishwasher $1049

Appliance total: $5263

Grand Total: $8688 

Being a handy homo helps!

-xo Malibu