Super quick break from unpacking before I hit the sack…UPDATE: movers sucked, house is like we never left (just needs some fixes), kitchen plans have changed twice annnnnnd  the painter started today.

     Kitchen: I always try to save as much as I can when I do a project. My thinking is, we have enough shit in landfills and I don’t really want to pile in more unnecessarily. If I’m not changing the layout, and the granite is 6 months old, and the cabinets are actually quality, how can I slap some lipstick on the pig? After HOURS at Guilded Salvage, I came stumbled upon old door header casings. I told Scott the owner, my idea and he looked at me like I was nuts. Michael, said he couldn’t envision it so, what do I have to lose? Yesterday I cut and pieced them together. This weekend I’ll mount them and fill in with Bond-o and they’ll be ready for paint. My goal is to make them feel more grand. The kitchen is larger than we remembered. 

The cabinet hardware will be a mix of 1860’s brass and super modern bars. Backsplash TBD. Paint  will be light grey and the new paper is Cole & Son ; Woods and Pears. 

The pears bring together the cabinet color (same as DR and the floors/granite.

    All lighting is up. It’s a mix of Deco, MCM, and Turn of the Century. I’ll do a post about that soon! Pink hall paint goes up tomorrow! (a hint to the Ralph Lauren suit in The Great Gatsby)


-xo Malibu

PS: LR and upstairs will be this shade of grey (have to find the name again 😉 )