paint and paper

     The move is 20 days away and I’ve been sourcing things like a madman. (shocking, I know). So far, we have the paint colors picked out for the living room, stair wall/hallway and dining room. The wallpaper arrived from London last week and, I have a few of the light fixtures picked out. Surprisingly, they’re not all vintage/antique. In fact, the DR sconces are quite contemporary. Before I get to all of that, let me reveal the paint colors! 

LR: Stonewall – Stairs/hall: Verona Pink- DR: Tea Kettle Black

The answer is yes. YES. Yep. We are. Uh huh. We know. Yes. YES. yes. It’s paint.

LR looking to DR

Entryway (all blue will be pink) Note the original curved door.

Original French windows circa: 1926 LOOK AT THAT LIGHT!

LR looking to DR. (that awful tiles will come off the fireplace)

See? Plenty of light for that black dining room. The pink at the staircase is a is a nod to Ralph Lauren’s pink suit in The Great Gatsby. It’s super pale and will most likely just read as a neutral. The black dining room is to give moody feel and to be the backdrop for a particular piece of art. I will add a footnote that the dining room paint may swap to dark navy or a green black but, it will be DARK.

     I decided thatI’d try to save the granite and cabinets in the kitchen. This meant some rethinking and a total swap of colors. The good thing about keeping the current floor and countertops?

1. Less landfill.


– it’s a win WIN. We are bringing the huge primitive piece from our current Butler’s pantry and I’ll be removing  a section of kitchen cabinets to accomdate. I’ll also be making the nook into a faux butler’s pantry. (more on that later)… Back to the wallpaper. We decided to go with Cole & Son “Gondola” in brown. 

Top clockwise: existing granite, 1924 Tudor chandelier, Hallman duel fuel range in Graphite, Cole & Son “Gondola”, creamy glass subway tiles, Prussian Blue cabinets.

Like Tati says- “Choices” 

Too much to do! More later!




PS: The sconces  I was talking about 🙂

Seletti monkey wall lamps.

…and the vintage Chandelier:

Fresh off the set of Dynasty, or the Playboy Club. 😉