Blogging should be called blerging because that’s how I feel about it…I’ve never been a writer. I prefer to use pictures to convey my words and feelings. I never just “snap” a pic but, I’ll throw some words into this blog just to keep current…speaking of current HA! it’s been forever since I’ve posted anything. Change is a comin’ kids. We got a wild hair and decided to kick around the idea of selling our house AND try to buy the house that got away (currently not on the market AND occupied by renters). Welp, I love a challenge. House sold premarket for over asking, tenant  agreed to a buyout and we close on both properties at the end of March. 

LR in the current house.


Original details in our current 1910 Early Arts & Crafts.


LR looking int DR


Goodbye marble counters!

The new house is a 1925 Grand Tudor and, planning has already begun. 🙂 I’d say there’s definitely going to be a style upgrade however, I’m a maximalist for life! 

1925 Grand Tudor






Seletti Heart Vase

PS: 1st up- paint colours