photo shoot: fbombs and all things sweary

f bomb merchandise

f bomb merchandise

Prior to the current cool down, our friends over at f bomb bath & shower bombs decided to hire us for a full styled product shoot. Oftentimes people are hesitant to jump in and pay for a stylist and photographer. Instagram has made just about everyone think they are a photo stylist.  Until recently, few people even knew that photo/prop/wardrobe stylists existed. Most folks just enjoyed the lovely pictures in their magazines and catalogs thinking everything is as it seems.  It’s a hard gig to get into and it’s full of long, tedious days. You don’t just plop something down and snap a photo. I have acquired so many random things from all over just because “I could use this on a shoot sometime!” 😉 As Jean from f bombs said “You have a lot of crap!” That I do, tubs and tubs full! When you go on week or even month long shoots, you have to buy tons of things that you might need on set. You always have to have options in case the Art Director or client don’t like what you pulled. I have a running inventory in my head of props/fabrics/papers/dishes/shoes/jewelry/clutches/handbags that I posses. It’s always fun when I can pull from my own collection for 2 reasons. First, it justifies purchasing the item and second, it saves money for the client. I’m not a believer in “buy what you need and return it after you use it”. It’s popular in the industry but, I think it’s tacky.

NUTS! Prime example of a random purchase turned prop: almond erasers.

NUTS! Prime example of a random purchase turned prop: almond erasers.

Let’s move on to my recent shoot for f bomb bath & shower bombs! Jean and I did a successful collaboration for my capsule collection (Sun Your Buns) and we have 2 f bomb for Malibu Casey Holiday scents coming soon: Apres Ski- peppermint mocha, and Sweater Weather-toasted marshmallow/hot chocolate. More on that later.

Jean decided to invest in a fully styled shoot of her line. We talked and broke it up into different categories. I started with her core line, then I separated the rest into; Mens, Kids, Summer and Holiday.

The core scents.

The core scents plus the signature rubber ducky.

One of my favorite parts about styling is deciding how to get people to connect the message in the photo to the product. It’s super easy to get too prop heavy and muddy the connection. I’ll walk you through a little bit of my train of thought…some items just need something that shows the product solo, maybe provide a little wink, wink, nod, nod. Something like a bath bomb called “Grandma’s Drawers”.



Saddle up and a vintage plastic cowpoke nestled among some books in our guest room.

Saddle up and a vintage plastic cowpoke nestled among some books and loving cups in our guest room.

Others can be built up with props. As I mentioned before it needs to send a clear message, but it’s not always literal…

Doesn't get more manly than this chap.

Doesn’t get more manly than this chap. Gentleman’s shoe polish caddy purchase; JUSTIFIED

…although, sometimes it is!

One of my favorites from the shoot.

One of my favorites from the shoot.  *Depression glass compotes purchase; JUSTIFIED

…and sometimes it relies on age old sayings like this:

Mother's Little Helper.

Mother’s Little Helper.

Once, I received a waving Queen Elizabeth as a gift. Most people would say “What the hell am I going to do with this?” Not me! She’s been on my office windowsill waving faithfully awaiting her chance to shine. She finally got it thanks to f bomb having a scent called “Keep Calm”.

Keep Calm and Carry...a solar powered Queen Elizabeth.

Keep Calm and Carry…a solar powered Queen Elizabeth.

I decided to ask Jean how she felt about the shoot. Here’s what she said:

“Already a fan, I was really excited to work with Casey. The styling used to showcase my line really matched its quirkiness, with never taking focus off of the products. The end result was a series of beautiful shots that have taken my online presence to the next level. This investment was critical in establishing my brand!!!”

There you have it! Thanks Jean and f bomb bath & shower bombs! Jean has just started an Etsy shop with all things sweary which may be found   here: f bombs on Etsy

-xo Malibu



Carnival ducks purchase; JUSTIFIED


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAps: I decided to buy a competitor’s bath bomb and do a side by side in pictures since some people don’t read labels.


Competitor on left contains sugar, chemicals, color, glitter and a made in China metal toy. f bomb on the right is just sodium bicarbonate, witch hazel, citric acid and scent. Beaker purchase; JUSTIFIED


f bombs don’t leave your tub with a bunch of staining residue that you have to scrub out…also, who needs sugar and glitter in their “areas”?! 😉