Lunalux for Malibu Casey

Typeface Tom Foolery.

Typeface Tom Foolery. Photo by Malibu Casey

This week’s collaboration focus is on Lunalux for Malibu Casey. Lunalux is a letterpress studio shop located on Loring Park in Minneapolis, MN.

Meet my gal pal Jenni Undis!

Malibu Casey: Hiya Jenni! *big hug* It’s printing day!!!

Jenni Undis: “Hello friend! Would you like to go see and cut the plates?”


Jenni cutting the custom made negatives.

Jenni cutting the custom made plates that were designs pulled from our LochnessMPLS pattern. Photo by, Malibu Casey.

MC: So Jenni, I’m sure people would love to know, why letterpress?

JU: “I was lucky enough to not sleep through one of my art classes in college when our professor brought the class to this letterpress shop. The shop was run by artists and everything was really beautiful. I grew up around printing so it was all really familiar. I think I was drawn to letterpress because it was familiar and new at the same time. Also, I like to make things.

MC: ..and you make some really great things that’s how I found you! We met in like eh..2008? I found one of your cards elsewhere and was ecstatic to learn you were located right here in MPLS and like blocks away from my loft. I feel like I probably came in and said “Hi. I love paper! I’ll take one of everything!

JU: “I feel like the first thing you said was “Hi. I’m getting married someday at the W and it will all be pink and lovely.”…and then I made you a punch card”

MC:LIES! That sounds nothing (exactly) like me. Haha! Love it. And we’ve been hanging out and making things ever since. Letterpress to Go! is a friend maker indeed. (Letterpress to Go! is a once a month event where you can get a set of 10 personalized stationary/note card/panel card whatever the card du’jour is for $35.00+tax)

JU: “Let’s mix up some ink! To make it more creamsicle-y we’ll use opaque white  instead of transparent white and I think it’ll be just what you wanted.”MC: Nailed it! (check out the boomerang blip on my Instagram)

The perfect hue!

The perfect hue! Photo by, Malibu Casey.

1955 Heidelberg Windmill printing our exclusive notecards.

1955 Heidelberg Windmill printing our exclusive notecards. Photo credit: Malibu Casey

MC: How did you end up at Lunalux?

JU: “I started as an unpaid intern that turned into a full time job. One of the founding partners left the business and when the remaining partner passed away, I bought the business and kept the name. Lunalux has been located here on Loring Park since 1993.”

The Heidelberg.

Original Heidelberg. Photo by, Malibu Casey.

MC: Where do you find your inspiration?

JU: *time lapse of facial expressions*  Before I did letterpress printing, I made lots of pottery and focused on function like cups and bowls and I tend to focus on the same with letterpress. I want things to serve a purpose and not just be pretty. Functional and pretty.

MC: Functional and pretty, I’m down. I think that’s part of why I really love paper. I love writing notes. (even though I usually have to send a decoder ring for people to translate them) I have an old tanker desk full of personalized letterpress. 🙂


Test card. The ice-cream cone will be joined by a pair of pink sunnies and a blue pump. Photo credit: Malibu Casey

MC: Last question is a 2 parter. Say you’ve made it to the top 5 in the Miss America pageant. Here’s your question: Jenni, if you could have a magic wand,what would you wish for and, of course what are you wearing?

JU: “I’d love it if I was wearing this sage green dress I bought at Ragstock in high school…it was this off shoulder taffeta business…shoulders, décolletage looked great. With my wand, I’d make all those rich <censored for the children> pay their fair share so we could take care of those that really need it!”

MC:…and World Peace!” *thunderous applause. I think you won! Obviously we won because this collaboration is AMAZING! A dream come true.

Hot off the press!

Hot off the press! Photo by, Malibu Casey.

Jenni has a great selection of cards (swears included), posters and is a GREAT gift wrapper. Be sure to check out Stationary Saturday and you can even brunch at The Third Bird after. Our note card collaboration sets will be available at the Launch Party at Pharmacie Mpls on August 18th, 6-9pm.

Stacks of letterpress.

Stacks of letterpress. Photo by, Malibu Casey.

See you there!

-xo Malibu

PS: Enjoy some snaps of Lunalux


Letterpress shrinky dink!

Letterpress shrinky dink!

Letterpress note pads.

Letterpress note pads.