f bomb for Malibu Casey


August 18th, Nicole and I will be having a little launch party for our Malibu Barbie collaboration piece at Pharmacie MPLS. I’ve also joined forces with a few other talented people for several other Malibu Casey themed projects. Lunalux will be making some great letterpress notecards (photos and interview coming next week) and Jean Hawkins-Koch of f bomb bath and shower bombs!


Malibu Casey: Hey Jean! Why did you decide to start making bath bombs?

Jean: “It’s a little cliche, but it kind of just came to me. Listen, I’ve been in insurance for 25 years; something had to give. I enjoy crafting, and I enjoy swearing. This product is a perfect match.”


MC: Hahaha Oh I love a good swear! Mouth of a sailor here! Is that how you landed on “f bomb”?

JK: “Using the term “f bomb” seemed obvious to me to describe a bath & shower bomb, and then I could use the “drop an f bomb” double entendre in my marketing. I got a degree in it 25 years ago. I thought I’d start using it. f bomb bath & shower bombs is a creative outlet to produce a simple, natural indulgence, while mixing in my obvious sharp wit to name my creations. It’s where my angst and creativity collide.”

MC: Where do you find inspiration?

JHK: “If I like the fragrance, I’ll ruminate on it for a bit. Sometimes a scent will remind me of person or place. Other times, I’ll pull together a focus group (aka my friends) and provide them words to get their creative juices going. I’ll ask them to remember to be crass and vulgar. If one of them comes up with a clever name, I’ll steal it and take credit for it. Some of the names are a bit more obvious – lavender is known for its calming properties, so that one became “Keep Calm.” Then I added the crown on the label similar to the 1939 “Keep Calm and Carry On” poster produced by the British government in preparation for the Second World War. I also like shock value and innuendo – like the leather scented “Saddle Up.” Come on, that’s good copy.”

MC: That’s not good copy, that’s GREAT copy! I remember one of the first times we met in our neighborhood FB group, you were fishing for a name for a new bomb…I don’t recall which one. I just remember you not using it. Guess you had to use my name this time eh? haha

JHK:  Yeah, about that…not very vulgar or swear-y…

MC: Sorry, my merch is family friendly my mouth is not. 🙂 Besides “Sun yer Buns” is the tanning lotion bottle on my fabric and gift wrap! Should we let folks know we came up wth this collaboration like 5 days ago?

JHK: Six actually and guess what? They’re done because I’m just that amazing! Go me! I’m not sure why we didn’t think of this earlier…but all you had to say was “Hawaiian Tropic” suntan lotion from back in the day and I knew what you wanted!


MC: You are pretty awesome. Not only do you work a real job and have a 5 year old but,  you make these AND do many huge projects in our community…also we  spend time battling trolls together in the fb groups. 😉 Anyhow, you NAILED the scent. It’s banana-y, coconut-y, suntan lotion-y. YUM! So, why your bath bombs and not the chains or those ones filled with sugar and junk (besides sugar and sprinkles aren’t good for lady bits).

JHK: “Why F bombs and not chain brands? (besides sprinkles in your vag are a no go) ha The ingredient labeling on bath bombs is like food labeling – if the list is long and you cannot pronounce it, you probably don’t want it on your skin. In one popular brand, you’ll see “safe synthetics.” WHAT? I also stay away from colorants (because, cancer) and oils, which make your tub slippery, and I don’t need a lawsuit. f bomb bath & shower bombs are made with just four ingredients – sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, witch hazel, and premium fragrance oils that are free of harmful phthalates. And no, you won’t find a toy or a message or anything else to fill a landfill in these babies. You’ll simply get a wonderful aromatic experience.”

f bombs curing

f bombs curing

MC: Agreed, it is a delightful experience. I’m not a bath taker, I prefer showers and I love dropping a few in the tub while showering. They’re versatile…like your family friendly labeling. You get all of the great experience without any of the swears!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Last question: Let’s say you’re in the miss America pageant, “if you could have a magic wand what would you wish for and what would you be wearing?”

JK: Are you saying you don’t think I WASN’T ALREADY IN THE MISS AMERICA PAGEANT?!

MC: I’ll just sub this pic of your hilarious mug for filler to your answer:


“Where the fuck is my cape?” was something overheard when someone’s child was playing one day.


And, I’m guessing you’d be wearing something like this:

Jean at her 1950's cocktail party.

Jean at her 1950’s cocktail party.

Well Jean, you’re a swear-y delight and I’m glad you’re a friend!

JEAN BUTTING IN: “Wait, I thought we were BFFs…”

F bombs bath & shower bombs and swear mugs are available at The Goddess of Glass  (Victory 44th and Penn), Gumball Boutique (Minneapolis) , Z Amore (Northeast) and Dilly Dally in the Alley (Hudson, WI).

-xo Malibu

PS: My favorite f bomb scents: Sun Your Buns, Original, Zen, Saddle Up, Grape Knee-Hi, I Do Declare, Frost Yourself, Get Lucky…so so good!