Dibs! Paintings by Meg Corcoran

Yesterday I had the honor of being asked to hang an artist’s work for her long anticipatedĀ show. This Friday (July 8, 2016) The Ryder Gallery located at The Warren/Goddess of Glass in North Minneapolis will host “Dibs! Paintings by Meg Corcoran”. The opening goes from 6-9pm. Original works and some prints will be available ranging from $25-$850 and prints will be available post show at The Goddess of Glass. Meg is my neighbor, gal pal and all around fabulous friend. I decided to ask her a few questions while hanging her work.

Malibu Casey- What inspires you? I mean I know what inspired this particular show but, what makes Meg tick?

Meg- “I am always mixing colors in my head– like when shadows on pavement hit my eye as purple or blue I try to think of the paints I’d use to find that right color and would I paint the sunny areas yellow to make those purples pop.”

MC- Ugh, I’m such a talentless hack (when it comes to painting and drawing and potting, and sculpting and…back to you Meg. Let’s say you’re in the Miss America Pageant, here’s your finalist panel question: If you could have a magic wand what would you wish for and what would you be wearing?

MC…wait, we’re both MC šŸ™‚ -“Hahahaha. I am so happy right now, here. It amazes me that I would say that about this neighborhood, but it’s full of amazing people whose eyes are wide open to big issues and little ways we can work together to fix them. It has to be small ways that add up to the big solutions.”


Meg as Sweetums. Yes, she made the entire costume from SCRATCH!

Malibu- “Since you didn’t answer the outfit part I’m just going to post a pic of you in one of your FAB Halloween costumes.

MC- “You know Meg, we should probably let people in on your inspiration for this show. It’s titled “Dibs!” and anyone in a Facebook virtual garage sale group should know what that means! So, have at it! Tell us how you decided to paint junk-y-treasures.”

Meg- “That’s a good question! I was casting around for something to paint (I had just recently gotten my painting “chops” back in shape after an evening class taught by a friend) and saw hints of a neighbor’s amazing vintage collection (Richard Elioff) on NVGS and asked him if I could come over for a tour. A screenshot of one of his piles of vintage goodies was my first in this series before I knew it would be a series. When I saw another neighbor’s creative (and amusing) stack of kitchen containers I realized i would have to paint it and keep an eye out for more fun images from this group. I have collected hundreds of images and have only scratched the surface. I can’t decide if I’m done once this show comes down. I don’t think I want to stop yet.Ā Painting these items has been a fun way to “own” the stuff, too. I get to spend hours gazing at the stuff without it taking up space in my already cluttered home.”

Bicycles, ornaments, dishes, lawn chairs, a projector screen…all in thrifted and donated frames.

MC- We do have some really great junk on our site! And, I love junking with you and Hattie! How long have you been been creating art?

One of my personal favorites! A pile o’ponies.

Meg-“I’ve wanted to be an artist my whole life. I remember saying it out loud at age 3 or 4.Ā I love having a studio in my house. That’s made all the difference to me in getting work made.Ā I am inspired to solve problems that I create for myself. How would I ever tackle that jumble of My Little Ponies? I’ve got to try. Also, hot pink. I can’t get enough of that color.”

MC- Oh (wo)man! THOSE PONIES! Every one of us little gay boys wanted those back in the day…we just weren’t allowed. Grumble grumble. It’s great to see so many parents these days letting their kids be kids and not labeling them and their toys. Hooray! *steps off soapbox Ā Meg, I sure wish I didn’t have to fly out tomorrow. IĀ hope you have a great opening and that it keeps lighting up the faces of those that see it! Also, can’t wait to see this year’s Halloween costume! Love you bunches friend!

-xo Malibu


PS: GO SEE THIS SHOW! I heard there will even be a BBQ truck there hocking food.

PPS: Even though I wasn’t allowed My Pretty Ponies, Santa (thanks mom) DID bring me a Strawberry Shortcake Huckleberry Pie figure…he smelled great. AND I love hot pink too Meg…just askĀ NicoleĀ ! šŸ™‚

My other favorite!