It’s time to play in the dirt again!

It’s been busy few weeks. Between flying, migraines and nice weather, I’ve been busy. Spring has sprung and I’ve been in full garden planning mode for the past few weeks. I started with expanding last year’s garden which was 2, 5’x12′ boxes. They were packed and we had to keep removing things. Now we have a 20’x23′ garden with the boxes in the middle. I added a path with some old pavers that we found along our back fence.


This will now be vegetable/perennial flower garden with annuals and herbs sprinkled in. We are trying a few new things: onions and fingerling potatoes and lettuce from seed.



Here’s what we currently have planted:

tomatoes: San Marzano , Mortgage Lifter, Yellow Pear, Black Cherry, Super Sweet 100, Beefsteak, Cherokee Purple.

peppers: Jalapeño, Hungarian Wax, New Mexican Green Chiles, Orange Bell, Yellow Bell, Red Bell, Garden Salsa.

pumpkins: Casper white, Mini heirloom, Carving, Jack O’Lantern.

French lettuce, Early Scarlett radishes, Scarlett Nantes carrots, Crunch and Munch carrots, Rose Fin, Magic Mollie and Russian Banana fingerling potatoes, Sweet Yellow onions, Purple onions, Summer squash, Zucchini, Rhubarb and 20+ varieties of herbs.


The garden has grown tremendously this past week. We had 2 days of 80-90. Now with 3 days of rain, it should really take off! 🙂 I luckily scored TONS of free hostas and lilies and few other perennials on our neighborhood Facebook group. I have planted over 56 hostsa thus far and a bunch of other good things! There’s an entire new section that looks like it’s been there for 50+ years. Oh, and the wine bottles stuck in the garden are just there to keep the hose from running over the plants. (Michael gets a little crazy when he waters.)

-xxo Malibu

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