LochNessMPLS for Malibu Casey

My good friend Brian of LochNessMpls created a custom repeat print just for us! I really wanted to make some throw pillows, or tote bags or a onesie jumpsuit…but, I didn’t want just any fabric. I had a few ideas that didn’t really work out. Round one was going to be more of a cut out shape and sew into a pillow deal. Brian wasn’t feeling it and a week later texted Paula and I something fabulous. A few tiny adjustments and voila:coralrepeat pinkrepeat bluerepeat

It’s ok if you need a minute to pick your jaw up off of the floor…I too was blown away! Brian has a sixth sense when it comes to creating things for me. Most of the time, he needs zero input. Once again, he really nailed it! This pattern is so much fun! Pumps, sherbet, sprinkles, sunnies, waves, tanning and shade lotion…it’s EVERYTHING! Who wouldn’t want SOMETHING in this?



I’m not sure what all it will become but, the fabric should arrive this week! Stay tuned.

-xo Malibu

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