Special Collaboration Barbie Photo Coming Soon!

Next week, my gal pal Nicole and I are going to shoot a special Barbie art piece to celebrate my new website and the anniversary of our friendship. A little backstory for you…Nicole and I met at Minneapolis Pride in 2008. I was wandering around the park looking for the gay soccer booth I was supposed to volunteer at and happened to spot this brilliant artist. The initial piece that caught my eye was “To Boldly Go” Barbie. IMG_0121

Talk about an attention grabber! Luckily it rained the night before and the soccer gays flaked.  I headed back over to the Barbie girl and we started chatting. I knew my loft was going to be shot for ApartmentTherapy (my how my style has evolved). I asked Nicole if I could borrow a piece for the shoot and would be sure to get her credit and a link. She agreed and a close friendship was grew! She received web traffic from all over the world and even a few international purchases from the mention. The next year I moved into a larger unit and ApartmentTherapy wanted to see what I did with it. The photographer had to cancel and actually asked Nicole if she would shoot the next space. You can have see it here: Bachelor Pad.

Over the years I’ve given some input and helped brainstorm some photo ideas for her, so a collaboration just came naturally.  We tossed around some ideas and then Nicole pointed out the obvious that we MUST do a Malibu Barbie themed shoot. Earlier this year we started looking for and buying up original Sunset Malibu pieces and some other great accessories. The banner photo is a cover shot of a 1973 Malibu and Friends coloring book. In it, they go to the beach, attend a party and explore the sequoias in Sequoia National Forest! NUTS! I  was really excited to score the Sunset Malibu Beach Bus and numerous Malibu Ken(s). Numerous. How many of this blonde with black brow beauties does one need? Five apparently. I’m really think this particular photo we have planned is going to strike a chord with people of my generation. These are the dolls we played with so there’s definitely a nostalgia factor. (Thanks Aunt Karla)81-Xad6v20L._SL1500_

We’ll see what vintage pieces make the cut soon enough! Perhaps we need a giveaway contest to spread the word. 🙂 Hope you’re all as excited about this project as we are!

-xo Malibu and Nicole

ps: How great is this? 1971 Sunset Malibu Commercial